Our Earth as they know it

Our Earth as they know it
If we don't fix what we've done, how can we expect our precious bees to survive?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Slugs slugs everywhere....Wish they were good to eat :0)

Well we are being over run by brown garden slugs; big ones, little ones, fat ones and fatter ones! We have so many it's a darn shame they don't make a delicious stew! We would never starve during the rainy months! They have already eaten and distroyed one batch of seedlings and are now doing their darndest to do it to the second batch! Now what to do...saucers of beer? ......predatory nematodes?.....diatomaceous earth?....chopsticks....? Maybe some ducks :0) Well I went purusing the internet for the best possible fit for us and found some excellent information on all of the above: